Friday, June 20, 2014

52 Weeks of Printables: Week 25 - Library Book Log

One of our favorite summertime activities to participate in is the Summer Reading Program at our local library. Unfortunately, it also means there are a lot of library books scattered throughout our home, and they are all checked out on various library cards. One way to keep track of all the madness is to have a Library Book Log. This way, we can make sure we get all the books returned on time and avoid fines! Click the image below to grab a copy:

Friday, June 13, 2014

52 Weeks of Printables: Week 24 - Packing List

What summer would be complete without a few vacations? And how many times have you or a family member forgotten to bring something with you? Don't let it happen again by using this packing list! Click the image below to grab yours:

Friday, June 6, 2014

52 Weeks of Printables: Week 23 - Summer Bucket List

School's out for summer! The printables theme for June is Vacation & Travel. We'll start off by creating a summer bucket list. Here are a few items on our family's summer bucket list (you can tell we have little ones):

- Go to a zoo                                  - Play in the sprinkler              - Make a blanket fort
- Go to a museum                         - Play with bubbles                  - Make something with Play-doh
- Go to a story time                       - Have a picnic                        - Paint
- Go to an outdoor pool                 - Eat a popsicle                        - Draw with sidewalk chalk

Click the image below to grab your copy and start filling it in!