Monday, October 7, 2013

The Office: Bill Organization

We recently shifted the bill paying responsibility from my husband to me, so I wanted to create a place in our office where I could keep all bill paying related items together - stamps, checkbook, return address labels, etc.

I didn't really want it to be on the desk top, but I needed it to be in plain sight as I reminder if there is a bill to pay. I have a bulletin board hanging above my desk and decided that would be the perfect spot. I took a metal mesh letter holder that I already had on hand and stuck push pins through the holes to attach it to the bulletin board. I used three to give it enough support.
The stamps fit perfectly in the little front compartment. Behind those is our checkbook. Next up is reserved for unpaid bills. And finally, we have our return address labels. I love having everything I need to pay bills in one place!

I don't remember where I bought this letter holder from. I found a black one online at Staples for $9.99. I also found a similar one at Target for $4.43, but it doesn't have the little front compartment. 

Project Cost: $0

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