Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Recycled Organization: Envelopes

Meet my envelope collection.

I have no idea what kinds of envelopes I have on hand! Do you have this problem as well? I decided to whip this shelf in to organized shape using these supplies that I had at home:

- a box (I used a 12 x 7 inch shoebox)
- file folders
- pencil
- ruler
- scissors

First I lined the shoebox up with the file folder. I wanted the tab part to stick up above the top of the box. Then I marked where the bottom of the box met the file folder.

I used a ruler to connect the marks, and cut along the line I had just made. I used the first file folder as a template for the other folders.

I wrote all the categories I wanted on the file folder tabs - pre-stamped, plain, adhesive, security, and miscellaneous.

And finally, I put the envelopes and dividers in the box! They fit perfectly!

So simple, yet so needed! I like this better than the boxes the envelopes came in because now I can see if I am running low on a certain type. It looks like I may need some plain envelopes in the near future.

Project Cost: $0!

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