Friday, April 4, 2014

52 Weeks of Printables: Week 14 - Weekly Cleaning

Hello April! This month's printables theme is all about Maintenance. This week we are kicking it off with my Weekly Cleaning Schedule. I spread my weekly cleaning tasks over a two week stretch and it has worked well with our schedule for over a year now. I also only have tasks listed on Monday through Friday. I leave Saturdays open for my Deep Cleaning tasks (more on that next week), and Sundays are for spending time with family.

When I complete a task, I just put a check in the box for that week. If at the end of the week, I have not done a certain task for that week, I consider it a miss and put an X in the box. I can look at my check sheet to see when I cleaned the guest bathroom last in case it has been a while. Click the image below to grab yours:

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