Monday, April 14, 2014

Deep Cleaning: Pillows

Ever remove your pillow cases to throw in the wash and notice that the pillow itself could use a good cleaning? Is it turning yellow from sweat? Gross! No worries, here is how to clean them!

1. Remove pillow cases and pillow protectors. Check the tags to make sure your pillows are machine washable.
2. Set up your washer like you would for a normal load, but don't put the pillows in yet. I set mine on HOT, Regular Heavy cycle, and added a bit of detergent. (I have a top loading washer)
3. Let the water fill up and then put the pillows in. I usually do two at a time to balance the washer, but I have done three at time before.
4. Run the pillows through two cycles, flipping the pillows over before the second cycle.

Drying (can be done in the washer, or if it is a nice sunny day, set them out in the sun to dry)
1. Set your dryer on the setting specified on the tag (mine said Low/Delicate).
2. Add dryer balls, or take two tennis balls and place each inside a sock. This helps to fluff the pillows up.

My pillows usually end up slightly lopsided when they come out of the dryer, but I just move the filling around and they are back to normal. I love that they come out smelling clean and that all the gross yellow spots are gone!

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