Monday, September 23, 2013

Kddie Cabinet

We have reached a major milestone in our little one's life...eating solid foods! I already had a cabinet in our kitchen dedicated for her things (bottles, utensils, baby food, etc), but up until this point, it was just a place to store it all until we needed it.

When we went to feed her the first time, I went to the cabinet to grab what we needed. Do you see any spoons or bowls in this picture? I didn't realize how bad this cabinet had gotten!

First I took everything out of the cabinet. Who knew there was so much in there!

A clean slate is always best.

Then I began sorting through everything and grouping like things together. I put the items I know we will be using in the coming months on the bottom shelf (cereal, bowls, spoons, sippy cups, baby food).

On the middle shelf, I put our dishwasher basket, extra bibs, and coolers.

The top shelf is reserved for unopened utensil packages, bottles, and bottle accessories.

And finally, I put a Command hook on the inside of the cabinet to hang her bibs.

So much more functional now!

Clean Mama

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