Sunday, September 29, 2013

Master Suite: The Closet

When we were house hunting, all the houses we looked at had wire shelving in every closet and I hate wire shelving! The hangers don't always slide right and anything folded on the shelves gets lines on it. We decided to take out the five wire shelves in our master closet and put in melamine shelving.

First we had to decide whether to DIY or purchase a closet kit from the hardware store. Our closet is 12 feet along the main wall so we had a lot of space to cover and we knew it wouldn't be cheap. The first closet system we looked at was going to be about $658. The second closet system at a different store was going to cost about $520. We tried calculating doing it ourselves and figured it was going to be more complicated to build what we wanted (especially after looking at the nice kits), so we scratched that idea altogether. We decided to go with the cheaper option.

After we took out all of the shelving, we had to patch up the holes. There were a lot!

Then I painted the closet with Olympic's Country Beige with a satin sheen. Doesn't that look better?

 Next up was to assemble and install the closet system. I planned to do this part on my own, however, it involved making sure things were square and I had to call in reinforcements for help (aka my hubby)!

Now I have so much storage space that I don't even know what to do with it all!

Project Cost $519.06

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