Saturday, September 21, 2013

Master Suite: A Little Bit of Spray Paint

This house that we bought makes me laugh sometimes. A lot of it doesn't match. For instance, our master bathroom has a gold toilet paper holder, gold hand towel rod, gold light fixture, and then a silver bath towel rod. Some people, like my husband, wouldn't notice this. But the OCD in me couldn't stand it. Plus, I wanted to get towel rods and fixtures that matched the Oil Rubbed Bronze on our new shower. We had already dished out plenty of money on the shower, so I went looking at the towel rods in our other bathrooms. Our other full bath has all silver towel rods and light, but our half bath has oil rubbed bronze. Perfect! We will just take the rods from the half bath and put them in the master bath. So my husband took them all out and we were ready to switch them around.

When I brought the gold ones in to the half bath, I looked at the light fixture and realized the pattern on the oil rubbed bronze rods matches the light fixture, so we would be separating a set. I reminded my husband that he loves me and broke the news. Being the amazing guy that he is, he patched up the walls in the half bath and put the oil rubbed bronze towel rod and toilet paper holder back on the wall. Did I mention he is amazing?

Still refusing to pay for new towel rods in the master bathroom, I went pinteresting (is that a word?). I came across numerous pins where people used Rustoleum's Oil Rubbed Bronze Universal Metallic Spray Paint. Genius! One can only cost me $5.77. So much cheaper than new towel rods!

So I cleaned up the towel rod, toilet paper holder and light fixture and spray painted away! It took me about 1.5 cans to cover all three items. I am loving how they turned out!



Project Cost - $11.54

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