Sunday, September 15, 2013

Master Suite: Overnight Decisions

The first time we saw our house, one of the first questions I asked was, why is there an opening between the bedroom and bathroom? This is what I mean:

I suppose they call this an open garden shelf, but I thought it was kind of awkward. We hadn't planned to do anything to it, but we changed our minds after our first night in the house. I was in bed and my husband turned on the light in the bathroom. Even though the doors were closed, it lit up the entire bedroom! The next morning, we decided we were going to close off the opening.

Now, we are first time homeowners and all we had was a ladder, a small tool kit, and a drill. So, to the hardware store we went! We bought:
- a hammer (hey, you have to start somewhere, right?)
- screws
- power sander
- putty knife
- drywall joint compound
- joint tape
- studs
- drywall

Of course, we didn't think about transporting some of the larger items from the store to our house, like the drywall, which didn't fit in our small 4-door car :) My husband had a utility knife with him and was able to trim the pieces of drywall down so we could slide them in to the car. Live and learn right?

We framed in the new wall, hung the drywall, slapped on some mud, sanded, and painted! Not bad for our first project!

Project Cost $80.65

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