Saturday, May 10, 2014

Take Back Your Kitchen in 31 Days: Day 10 - Fridge Interior

The inside of our refrigerator was in desperate need of a good was starting to smell! Yuck! I feel refreshed now when I open it up to get something. Here is my cleaning process:

First, I take everything out...shelves and drawers included. You may want to mark what notches the shelves were in as you are taking them out. I had to do some readjusting.

Then I wipe down and dry the walls with this concoction and my trusty microfiber cloth:
- 1 teaspoon dish soap
- 1 teaspoon baking soda
- 4 cups of warm water

I rise the cloth out in the sink instead of back in my bucket. It keeps the water in the bucket cleaner. Also, don't forget the get the area where the door meets the main part. I have often found mysterious colored substances lurking there.

Next, wipe down all of the shelves and drawers the same way. Then I dry them with another microfiber cloth put them back in the fridge.

Lastly, put the food away. This is a good opportunity to check expiration dates. I found something that expired in June 2013! Also, use this opportunity to reorganize!

I do the main part of the fridge first and put that food away, then tackle the door. This way, not all of my food is out on the counters at the same time.

Tomorrow is a well deserved day of rest or catch up day.

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