Saturday, May 31, 2014

Take Back Your Kitchen in 31 Days: Day 31 - Floors

We made it! The final day! Today we finish by cleaning the floors. Mine were in need of a good cleaning. I usually just vacuum the floors and wipe up spills as they happen, but I miss probably more than half of the spills. Plus, our little one has been throwing more food on the floor lately, so yeah, it was time.

We have dark laminate floors. I like the way the dark wood looks, but it shows crumbs very easily. I started by vacuuming up the crumbs. I recommend vacuuming in the direction of the planks, so to get all the crumbs that happen to fall between the cracks. I then followed up with a wet microfiber cloth. I just used warm/hot water, but you could also use vinegar diluted with water. You'll want to make sure not to let the water just sit on the floor, so I wiped it dry with another microfiber cloth.

Thank you for joining me in Taking Back Our Kitchens in 31 Days. Enjoy your newly cleaned and organized kitchen!

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