Saturday, May 24, 2014

Take Back Your Kitchen in 31 Days: Day 24 - Pantry

Ah, the pantry. Ours goes through quite the daily beating with all the hands involved. I of course have a system and have foods grouped together, but my husband doesn't understand the system, and my daughter just likes to take things out of the pantry and scatter them all over the house. :) Honestly, it wasn't in that bad of shape today, but I feel better just knowing what is in the pantry right now. Here's what I started with:

I just went shelf by shelf. I took everything off the shelf and assessed what I had in front of me. We do a bit of our grocery shopping at Costco, so we have a lot of bigger packages of food. I tried to take things out of boxes, and put things in other containers like OXO Pop Containers. I also refilled my baking canisters that are on our counter. I was able to get a whole bag of brown sugar out of the pantry!

I also took the opportunity to update my pantry inventory. I don't put everything on it, just things that I often forget we have that I can use for dinners.

Here is how my pantry is organized now:

Tomorrow is our last catch up day before our final week!

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