Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Take Back Your Kitchen in 31 Days: Day 14 - Lower Cabinet Interior

The lower cabinet interiors weren't too bad. I could tell which cabinets I open the most based on the number of crumbs I found. I did find a dead, dried up slug which totally disgusted me, but that's half of the reason of cleaning out the cabinets, right?

I started with the cabinet closest to our trash can. We keep our trash bags in there, along with a serving tray that is too large to fit in the cabinet with the other serving trays. I also had a vase in there, which we never use, so I moved it to an upper cabinet where there was room. Looks like I have some room to grow in here!
Next up was the appliances. Not too much change, but I did find some manuals that I then put where we keep the rest of our manuals.

On to my baking sheets. I love using the wire shelving to separate my baking sheets. I don't have to dig under other pans to get to them. My current issue was the blender box (yes, I have had this blender for over a year now and it's still in the box). It was getting in the way of the larger pans. So I switched it to the side with the smaller sheets and now my baking sheets don't have to be at an angle in the cabinet. I also had the smaller baking sheets in the taller wire shelf so the big baking sheets were really leaning over; now they stand more vertical.

And finally the last two cabinets. This is where I found the nasty dead slug! Not a lot of change here, just cleaned out.

Don't worry about under the sink yet. We'll get that one tomorrow.

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